AT 101 Training

Occupational therapy students receiving training on assistive technology

In an effort to increase awareness of assistive technology devices and services, staff conduct free AT 101 Basic Training sessions which can be customized to meet specific needs.  These sessions serve as an introduction to assistive technology fundamentals and are generally held in groups. 

Interested participants have included college students, corporate employees, school systems, medical personnel and agency staff. 

Presentations range in length from 30 minutes to 3 hours and are held at the DCATRC

Training sessions generally focus on the following:

  • Basics of assistive technology devices and services

  • Technology and the law

  • Assistive technology selection process

  • Assistive technology in special education and vocational rehabilitation programs
  • Self advocacy and the law

  • Assistive technology funding

  • Demonstrations of assistive technology devices and products

  • Group activities and case studies 

For more information on basic training services, please contact Debra Haydel, 202-589-0288 x 137 or

220 I St. NE, Suite 130
Washington DC  20002

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