Image of the DC Assistive Technology Resource Center

DC Assistive Technology Resource Center

The DC Assistive Technology Resource Center (DCATRC) showcases assistive technology devices and services which increase independence and functional capability of persons with disabilities.  This type of specialized equipment is designed to help individuals live, work, learn and play.  

The DCATRC provides informative demonstrations of a wide variety of assistive technology devices and products.  Staff can provide information on how and where to purchase equipment and other disability and technology related information and referrals. 

The center is also the site for the Assistive Technology Device Loan Program and assistive technology training sessions

Please note, the ATPDC does not provide free assistive technology devices.  We also do not sell or offer products at a discount. 

Please call or email to schedule an appointment
202-589-0288 x 137

Image of devices in the DC Assistive Technology Resource Center
an international group tour the Assistive technology demonstration center in DC

Staff is available to help visitors at the center compare the features and benefits of a broad range of equipment such as communications aids, voice activated computers, tools for daily living, electronic magnifiers and other technology for use in the classroom, workplace and the community.

The space is also available for AT vendors, service providers, instructors, students and other professionals to conduct demonstrations and workshops or to provide assessments and training.  Laptops, desktop computers, iPads and WiFi access is available for use, all at no cost.  Space and availability is limited to groups of 15 or less. 

220 I St. NE, Suite 130
Washington DC  20002

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