The Assistive Technology Program for the District of Columbia has been committed to improving the lives of individuals with disabilities for over 20 years

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The Assistive Technology Program for DC  (ATPDC) is a city-wide program whose goal is to enhance independence, productivity and inclusion for all District residents with disabilities.  

We accomplish this goal by providing education, experience and empowerment in the selection, procurement and use of assistive technology devices and services, not only to individuals but to service providers, government agencies and community organizations as well. 

Please note, the ATPDC does not provide free assistive technology devices or services.  We also do not sell or offer any products at a discount. 

However, DC Shares does provide free durable medical equipment to qualified individuals.

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Administered and funded by the Administration for Community Living at the Department of Health and Human Services. Implemented by the District of Columbia Department on Disability Services and University Legal Services.

For more information on the other state Assistive Technology Projects and assistive technology information and resources, please visit the Association of Assistive Technology Act Programs (ATAP) and the AT3 Center.

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